How much will your web site cost to design and then manage?

In most cases less than TV and radio advertising, printed materials, and even the Yellow Pages, yet it's available to the entire world on a 24/7 basis and almost instantaneously accessed from almost every computer. We have developed simple plans for you to chose from that will give you the confidence to pursue your web presence without breaking your budget.

We offer web design service packages coupled with consultation to personally tailor a plan to meet your special needs and give back to you "over the top" service. You can even start small to begin and build as time and company growth allows.

Save money using one of our Design Service Packages below. We also offer ala carte service at just $60 per hour for web design and $85 per hour for custom programming.

How much will it cost to keep my site available on the web after it's designed?

We can design a website and you walk out the door with it on disk to manage yourself or we can publish it to the Internet and continue to manage it leaving you worry free.

Further down this page you will find money saving Hosting and Site Management plans to let us help keep your website active once it is designed.

Whatever combination of web site requirements you have, let's talk. Don't see it listed here? Call 269-963-1710 or e-mail us for an appointment and stop losing business to the competition already on the web.


Design service packages are designed to give us a basic price which include linked pages, custom graphic designing, personal attention and always a willingness to address all your website needs.

  • Web Presence Package   $300  1-3 Pages   Example: Home, About, Contact Us
  • Basic Web Package  $600  Up to 5 pages  Example: Home, About, Contact, Photos, News
  • Commercial Web Package  $1300  Up to 10 pages
  • Elite Web Package   Due to so many variants let's talk to get an estimate cost for you.
    This package will contain over 10 pages and may include such add-ins as e-commerce, database, custom programming, inventory tracking and other custom needs, etc.

Any package above may consider utilizing extra web design services that we offer such as:

 Inventory management, custom program scripting, database, photography,
 input forms, audio, video, image enhancements, animations, etc.


Once your site is designed it needs to be maintained to keep it available on the Internet. We can manage that for you.


SH Systems is eager to continue supporting your web services after the design, however we are not to be held responsible in a any way for your website activity or usability should you host it outside our hosting control. 

For that reason we highly recommend you select one of our management options offered below:

Want to manage your own site on our server? Or select ala cart management fees from us?

  • $20 month + a yearly domain name renewal fee of $35
    plus a one time $50.00 set up fee (set up fee waived with any new SH Systems web design package)
  • We provide the account, supply ID & password so you can manage your own site as you like.
  • Or we will manage your site at any time you need it changed at $60 per hour (min. 1/2 hr.)
  • 200MB disc space, 10 e-mail accounts
  • On line Control Center to manage your site
  • Upload and maintain your own website 24/7 
  • Get basic SH Systems tech support through e-mail
  • Get SH Systems web design ala cart at $60 p/hr minimum 1/2 hour charge.
  • Get SH Systems custom programming, scripting etc $85 per hour


This package will save up to $40 per month over ala carte management

  • $80 month No set up fee 
  • FREE HOSTING  on our server
  • up to 2 hours custom design/edit billed time  ( $120 value - )
    • Straightforward newsletter in .pdf format
    • simple text edits and text/artwork additions
    • photo replacement or uncomplicated new custom graphic work
    • announcements 
    • minor photography
    • new or replaced pages
    • e-mail management
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • weekly/monthly activity reports
  • Initial and periodic search engine submission*
  • Domain registration renewal included yearly

If the client submits a request that is estimated to go over or exceed the inclusion of any package, they will be provided an estimate and asked for confirmation to continue with the task.

* Search Engine submission: Although we will submit and make continuous efforts to get your site listed near the top of major search engine, we can not guarantee it's ranking placement as that's out of our control. But through various development techniques, repeated submissions, and time, we can improve the chances for your site to be found during a search.

ELITE Web Site Management
This package will save up to $350 per month over ala carte management

  • $250 month No set up fee
  • FREE HOSTING  on our server
  • Same as Managed hosting plus up to 10 Hours custom design/edit time ($600 value)
      This might include such items as:
    • Customized  newsletter pages
    • frequent content changes
    • more complex text edits and text/artwork additions
    • photo replacement or detailed new custom graphic work
    • announcements 
    • photography
    • e-mail management
    • e-store
    • database etc.

    We will be happy to go over your ideas and work up a custom Elite Management package tailored to your needs.


All Web Site Management packages require a minimum 6 month commitment.
Please call or write for more information.

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