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 S H Systems, Inc. offers the complete solution to your Web Page needs.


We specializes in catering to the needs of small to medium sized business, organizations, or hobbyist, contouring the site around your specific needs and affordability!

The Internet is the fastest growing location to place your company and SH Systems, Inc. is here to assist you in doing just that - build your business on the Internet.

There are Many Reasons
to consider having a web site; they might include:

  to promote your business by introducing yourself to customers. The public is well aware now that they can find valuable company information on the www. Will they find yours? If not, will they find your competitors?

  to sell products or a service making it easier for customers to do business with you. Open 24 hours 7 days a week from the comfort of their easy chair. By the year 2004, it is estimated that e-commerce transactions will exceed $6.9 trillion worldwide.

  keep customers informed on the latest news items of your company by way of newsletters, and or press releases,

   to distribute information about your topic of interest, and/or to promote a worthwhile cause,

  maintaining public access to your business information such as schedules, upcoming events, special company offers.

  offer online registration, access to the company's files or clients own data, download from your web.

  not get left behind in the race of the future.

  have an Internet presence. If you are not here and your competitor is, guess who gets left out of the race.

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SH Systems, Inc.  will begin your site by building on one of the foundation levels of web page needs:

Web Presence Site - the quick, low cost solution to your business Internet presence. Excellent way to get your feet wet on the Internet. 
1-3 Pages  $300  Ex: Home, About Us, Contact          More Info...

Basic Web Site - Custom built web site for your organization, hobby, or small business that might include same as above with a photo gallery, price list, news page, simple product information as example. Up to 5 Pages $600 More info ..

Commercial Web Site - A great, robust, site that would really showcase your company, organization or interest.  This package will offer the entire world your company information, using your logo, graphics, links, updating newsletters, press releases, photos, forms, contact via e-mail and many more ways to incorporating today's latest web technology. Up to 10 pages $1300    More Info....

Elite Web Site - Due to the many variants this type site will include we ask that you call to discuss your needs and let us build an estimate for you.   More Info...

Although SH Systems, Inc offers  Web Page design categories as a beginning point to your development needs, it's the personalization of meeting those needs that reflect the SH Systems, Inc. standard.

Each business requires special individual attention throughout the Web Page development process. Fees for this service will be discussed after the initial personal meeting where content is considered. See the Service Fee  page for more pricing information. 

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Selecting an ISP

(ISP = Internet Service Provider) SH Systems, Inc. will provide as much or as little assistance in securing for you an ISP. We will make new, or use your existing accounts. See the Service Fee  page for pricing information.

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If you build it will they come?

SH Systems will assist you in marketing  your site by submitting it to the top internet search engines nearing completion of the site, and suggest other on and off line ways to get your site noticed. 

BUT remember, you are really the best form of PROMOTING YOUR WEB SITE. 


Rule #1
Wherever you print your phone number
place your web address next to it.


Include your site address in all:

business printed material advertisements
letterheads brochures
radio and TV announcements business cards
media Press Releases merchandise and materials

Include a link in all e-mail, tell your business partners, and everyone else you can think of. 

Advertise your site in newsgroups, catalogs, and submit your site address to other on-line web pages that will consider placing a link to your site.

It is just the beginning of an exciting adventure!

Your site is published and they are beating down the door to get in, so can you sit back and watch the action?

For a while maybe, but you will soon want to implement the new features seen elsewhere online as the Web continues its journey well into the 21st century.   You will want your visitors to return by offering fresh news, new pages, and better products. You will want to keep touch with SH Systems to implement your new ideas and see what we have to offer you today. 

Thank you for considering SH Systems. Contact us today to begin.

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131 E. Columbia  Ave.
Suite 216        
Battle Creek, MI    49015

 Telephone  (269) 963-1710
FAX   (269) 963-7330
  E-Mail  SH Systems