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  • Publicize your site off line, augment your existing advertising, and gain media publicity. Donít view your WWW as a stand-alone, view it as a part of your overall marketing efforts -  not just one tool in the tool chest.

  • The national and international news media have done quite a bit of selling for you already.  They are training the public to actually look for your web address. Make yours easy to find.

  • Involve your clients. Let them in on the "secret" that your web site is being created and ask then what they would like to see on it. Have them reply by e-mail, input form, letter or phone.

  • Send out a teaser. Get people interested in your site even before it begins. Your goal is to pique peopleís curiosity, best using print or direct mail, as they will have the address for reference later.

  • Augmenting traditional advertising. So, whatís your current collateral? Do you have business cards, letterheads, produce newsletters, product briefs, brochures or catalogs? Do you have t-shirts, key rings, pencils, or baseball caps? Outdoor signage, sponsor events, advertise in print or on radio or TV?
    You can include your entire brochure on your business card just by adding your web site address.
  • Your personnel and especially your sales and customer service staff, are probably your best line of communication. Make sure they are fully versed in the details of your WWW and that they mention this information to as many people as possible.

  • If you have a voicemail system that includes messages in its hold feature, insert a little message about your website.

  • Print - basically everything you have printed has to do with marketing your company. Once you have a site address, include this on EVERYTHING you print.

  • If your print material has a phone number, your rule is to put your web address directly next to it - always, every time, on everything.  Note: here you want to make sure the web site name is registered to your company and it wont be changed anytime soon.

  • If you already have a warehouse full of already printed material then you can add adhesive labels or stamped text giving your URL. Design a special piece that can be included with any outgoing print communications. An insert that includes your URL and gives a little hype is a good option.

  • If you produce a newsletter, your main story in the next issue should be your leap into the web. Cover the background, the goals and quotes for the top brass of the company, even if thatís you.

  • Radio - include your URL (visit X companyís web site at ) in the voice over copy.

  • TV - add to your voice over, even include screen shots of the site, and generate the action on your site.

  • Outdoor advertising - Leased billboard space, outdoor signage, include your web address. If you sponsor events, include your address on any signs, posters, flyers etc. Where you put your phone number put your web address.

  • Offer Incentives - The best incentive might be a discount. Offer a discount on all orders made via the Internet.  Offer prizes, "Every time you send in an order, your name will be entered in a drawing to win .."

  • E-Mailing Lists  - Ask viewers if they wish to be put in your mailing list. Send bulk e-mail when you have important information to reveal or the site undergoes major updates. 



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